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Reasons to choose a Solicitor

The Newcastle upon Tyne Law Society does not provide any services or advice for members of the public. The following information may however be useful.

There are many good reasons why people should use a solicitor to transact business for them and these include:

  • lengthy training [usually at least 6 years]
  • strict regulation and code of ethics
  • compulsory insurance and a compensation fund administered by the national Law Society

The training needed to qualify as a solicitor is laid down by Act of Parliament and statutory regulations. With a few exceptions, a solicitor must spend three years getting a university degree, a further year at law school (two years at law school, if his/her degree was not a law degree) followed by two years apprenticeship in a solicitors' firm. On qualification training does not stop: every solicitor must complete at least 16 hours a year of updating lectures.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority closely regulates every aspect of solicitors' activities.

The Accounts Rules regulating how solicitors deal with clients' money are particularly detailed and stringent. Each solicitor must have a vigorous audit done every year by independent chartered accountants who must give an annual report to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. In addition, that SRA has its own inspectors who do random checks.

Every solicitor must have adequate professional indemnity insurance.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority operates a Compensation Fund.

Members of the public can be assured that if they use a solicitor, they can do so with confidence.

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